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When it comes to fitting out for a central kitchen, it is not a renovation that can be done simply by any contractor. Our government set strict standards that we need to follow and they are govern by the SFA (Singapore Food Agency) which previously was by AVA.


The layout planning of how your Central Kitchen works is most critical part of it. Very often, a Central Kitchen Consultant have to be on board. This is because there are many rules and regulations that we need to adhere to when it comes to food preparation in the central kitchen. The consultant will be able to do a draft an approved layout to be submitted to SFA for approval. And do take note that the construction is not advisable to start until SFA gives the green light after vetting the layout.


After the layout, here comes the functional part. The equipment used must be appropriate and in accordance to your size of usage. This is the time when a Kitchen Specialist comes into place. A good kitchen specialist will discuss with the chef and propose suitable equipment for the use in the Central Kitchen. The kitchen specialist shall assist in the position planning and provide solutions to solve your needs.


Here comes the construction process. Building a Central Kitchen might not be as simple as one might thinks. Getting someone without experience will perhaps cost you more than you can imagine. A competent contractor will be able to identify what is possible and what is not. The different aspects of things need to be aware are endless. From selection of materials to use, calculating the electrical loading, whether a scupper drain is required and many more nitty gritty details, one with experience will be able to tell just by accessing the site.

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